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Vacancy HR Manager
HR Manager: HR Manager serves as the face of the company to potential employees, taking care of its image. Responsibilities include recruitment, personnel training, development of motivational systems, addressing HR issues, and supporting corporate culture. The goal is to create favorable conditions for successful employee work and overall company success.

  • Regularly post job vacancies on social media.
  • Engage in active communication with potential candidates.
  • Launch promotional campaigns for personnel recruitment, including audio advertising.
  • Stimulate employee referral programs.
  • Develop other methods for attracting talent.

Interviews and Personnel Selection:

  • Actively engage with candidates to schedule interviews (online or offline).
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of professional and communication skills.
  • Organize additional interviews with leadership.

Onboarding and Document Management:

  • Sign contracts with employees.
  • Collect necessary documents (ID, driver's licenses, etc.).
  • Assist in document preparation for international employees, collaborating with agents.
  • Maintain employee records in the CRM system.

Training and Employee Adaptation:
  • Assist in creating educational materials for employees.
  • Schedule training courses for employees within the workplace.
  • Conduct testing within the work environment.
  • Facilitate adaptation meetings with employees, providing assistance and gathering feedback to overcome work-related challenges.

Timekeeping and Leave Management:
  • Maintain vacation schedules.
  • Manage sick leave and time-off records.

Appraisal and Employee Evaluation:
  • Conducting employee assessments.
  • Implementing incentive programs.

Compliance with Legislation:
  • Ensuring compliance with labor legislation.
  • Developing internal rules.
  • Monitoring social security payments.

Interaction with Management and Other Departments:
  • Providing reports on the state of the personnel.
  • Consultations on personnel management.
  • Collaboration with other departments to achieve common goals.

Building Company Image as a Reliable Employer:
  • Developing initiatives to improve working conditions for employees.
  • Managing social media accounts dedicated to working in the company.
  • Organizing and participating in mass events.
  • Developing a strategy for involvement in charity and social initiatives.
This employee is crucial for the company, as they directly influence its growth and development.

Projects to Launch/Improve by the End of the Year:

  • Food Delivery App.
  • Taxi Booking App (similar to Grab or Uber).
  • Service Booking App (Cleaning, Massage, etc.).
  • House Rental App (like Airbnb).

Near Future Growth Plans and Hiring:
  • Customer Support Service Operator - office work, assisting customers and drivers.
  • Food Delivery Courier - constant need for personnel, approximately 6 people per month.
  • Courier Manager - manages the work of food delivery couriers.
  • Recruiter for the Taxi App - searching and registering active taxi drivers.
  • Partner Manager - invites and registers restaurants, cafes, shops, service providers, etc

All instructions, regulations, etc., will be developed collaboratively. Training will be provided to ensure the HR Manager performs their functions most effectively.


Probationary Period 1-2 months
Remote work, part-time
  • Training on basic functions.
  • Reduced functionality: Candidate search, Selection and interviews, HR document management.
Conditions: Fixed 10,000 + bonuses for each employee who passes the probationary period (~12,000 - 18,000 per month).

Main Job
Full-time employment - can work remotely, occasional office visits
  • Location: Koh Phangan.
  • Full functionality.
Conditions: Fixed 20,000 + KPI + bonuses for each employee who passes the probationary period (~30,000 - 40,000 per month).