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Delivery KPG
Vacancy Driver Manager
Responsibilities: Driver Recruitment and Management:
  • Development of a strategy for attracting new driver-couriers.
  • Active search for potential candidates.
  • Negotiation with potential candidates.
  • Hiring and training.

System Registration:

  • Support for driver-couriers in the registration and onboarding process for the delivery system.
  • Providing detailed information and instructions on working within the system.
  • Checking the driver's understanding of the provided information.

  • Establishing effective communication with driver-couriers to address their concerns and ensure satisfaction.
  • Explaining the benefits of participating in the delivery system and maintaining a positive company image.

  • Organization and implementation of training programs for driver-couriers.
  • Improving service quality.

Payment Management:
  • Monitoring the payment system for the service's drivers.
  • Ensuring timely payments.

Analysis and Improvement:
  • Gathering and analyzing data on the performance of drivers.
  • Developing initiatives to increase efficiency and improve service quality.

Conflict Resolution:
  • Resolving conflicts between drivers and the company.
  • Maintaining good relationships within the delivery service.
  • Addressing exceptional situations.


  • Full-time position with a flexible schedule.
  • Salary: starting from 30,000 THB + bonuses for successful driver-courier management.
  • Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand.
This role plays a crucial part in ensuring the smooth operation of the delivery service by effectively managing and supporting driver-couriers.