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Delivery KPG
Vacancy Delivery Driver Manager
  1. Staff recruitment: Organizing and conducting interviews with candidates for delivery driver vacancies.
  2. Training for newcomers: Conducting training programs for new employees, including working with the application, instructions on delivery order rules, and other necessary skills.
  3. Hiring process: Processing all necessary documents for hiring, including contract agreements, document collection, and system registration.
  4. Newcomer adaptation: Providing support and monitoring during the adaptation process of new employees, including retraining, monitoring of initial orders and settlements.
  5. Work schedule management: Creating shift schedules for drivers and monitoring their adherence to established schedules.
  6. Quality control: Monitoring and evaluating the performance of drivers, including their politeness, delivery speed, transport quality, and customer feedback.
  7. Document control: Checking and updating driver documents, including driver's licenses, work permits, and other necessary documents.
  8. Financial management: Managing settlements with drivers, including calculations for completed orders and other financial matters.
  9. Bonus program management: Organizing and monitoring timely bonus payments to drivers for achieving set goals.
  10. Equipment: Purchasing, issuing, and keeping track of necessary equipment for drivers.
  11. Handling complex situations: Representing the company in the event of accidents, conflict situations, or other non-standard situations that occur during driver's work.
  12. Meetings: Organizing and conducting team meetings, individual meetings, and feedback sessions with drivers.
  13. Reporting: Preparing department reports, analyzing performance indicators, and providing company management with information on the current state of driver operations.


  1. Work experience: Experience in logistics, transportation, or personnel management, preferably with experience working with drivers or couriers - will be an advantage.
  2. Communication skills: Excellent communication skills for effective interaction with drivers, clients, and other company employees.
  3. Leadership qualities: Ability to effectively manage and motivate staff, resolve conflicts, and make decisions.
  4. Organizational skills: Ability to efficiently plan work, control processes, and manage time.
  5. Analytical abilities: Ability to analyze data, identify problems, and find effective solutions to address them.
  6. Technical skills: Proficiency in using computers and software, including office applications and personnel management systems.
  7. Responsibility: Willingness to take responsibility for departmental results and ensure quality customer service.
  8. Stress tolerance: Ability to work effectively under increased workload and stressful situations.
  9. Language proficiency: Fluent in Thai - native speaker, English (oral, written) - confident proficiency.
  10. Equipment: Availability of a modern computer or laptop.


  1. Schedule: Full-time
  2. Workplace: 50% in the office / 50% remote. Be ready to contribute to solving complex tasks at any time.
  3. Location: Koh Phangan
  4. Official employment and social benefits
  5. Income:
    Fixed salary: 20,000 THB
    Bonuses for achieving KPI: up to 10,000 THB
    Quarterly bonuses: % of the company's income (10,000 THB - 15,000 THB)