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Delivery KPG
Vacancy Delivery Driver Haad Rin
  1. Product Delivery: The Delivery Driver is responsible for efficiently delivering orders exclusively within the Haad Rin district, serving both clients and restaurants within the area. This includes picking up orders from designated restaurants and ensuring their timely delivery to customers.
  2. Promotional Activities: In addition to delivery duties, the Delivery Driver is expected to serve as a promoter within the Haad Rin district. This involves distributing leaflets at predetermined locations along the route and providing photo documentation of the promotional activities carried out.
  3. Meeting Deadlines: Adherence to delivery and promotional deadlines is crucial to meet customer demands and effectively promote the service within the community.
  4. Customer Service: Maintaining a courteous and helpful demeanor towards customers is essential. The Delivery Driver should address customer inquiries, offer assistance, and resolve any issues that may arise during deliveries or promotional activities.
  5. Maintaining Cleanliness and Order: Ensuring cleanliness and organization within the delivery vehicle is necessary to uphold product quality and safety standards during transportation.
  6. Adhering to Traffic Rules: Strict compliance with traffic regulations is imperative to ensure safe and efficient delivery operations.
  7. Reporting: Providing detailed reports on completed deliveries, promotional efforts, and any relevant information to management is required to track performance and optimize operations.


  1. Driver's License: The Delivery Driver must have a valid driver's license for the appropriate category if the delivery requires the use of a car or another vehicle.
  2. Driving Skills: Good driving skills and knowledge of the area will help the Delivery Driver efficiently carry out their duties.
  3. Communication: The ability to communicate well with clients and be friendly and polite in any situation.
  4. Responsibility: The Delivery Driver must be responsible and reliable to ensure timely and safe delivery of orders, while adhering to the stated work schedule.
  5. Equipment: A good scooter suitable for multiple trips and uphill climbs (villas and houses on hills with steep inclines), an Android phone with internet access.
  6. Service Skills: Google Maps, WhatsApp.

  1. Schedule: Full-time
  2. Equipment: Provided box, logo, and mounting - with a deposit of 500 THB
  3. Payment: Fix Salary per Month: 8 000 THB
    Earnings: 50% of the delivery cost
    Gasoline: 10% of the delivery cost
    Bonuses: 3% to 20% of the delivery cost for achieving weekly order goals
    Driver referral bonus: 2000 THB
    Payouts: Daily
  4. Average driver income per month:
    25,000 THB - 40,000 THB
    Part-time: 15,000 THB - 20,000 THB